John McCain and Barack Obama to address major Latino organization - National Council of La Raza National Convention

The LA Times reports that The National Council of La Raza, a leading Latino civil rights and advocacy organization, announced today that both presidential contenders have accepted invitations to speak at its July 12-15 convention in San Diego. No details yet on when each will speak, but their appearances likely will be among the most important they make during the month. As NDN has been actively pointing out, both the Democratic and Republican parties recognize the growing power of the Hispanic electorate. The LA Times interviewed Simon as it reported yesterday that Obama continues to lead McCain among Latino voters: Obama is "doing better than anyone imagined at this point," said Simon Rosenberg, head of the group NDN, which specializes in Latino outreach. "But he does have room to grow." The latest polls show Obama has a surprising advantage over McCain and is favored by up to 62% of voters. Below the LA Times graphic: