Obama and The Post-American World

Before the speeches and other primary news started dominating the blogosphere yesterday, I saw this interview by Nathan Gardels with Fareed Zakaria. It's about Zarakia's new book The Post-American World, which Gardels claims is on Obama's reading list. This sobering statement opens the article:

If Barack Obama succeeds in his campaign against John McCain and
becomes president of the United States, he will have to deal with much
deeper issues beyond Iraq, namely the "rise of the rest" as China,
India and the developing world aspire to catch up with America and want
a seat at the table of global power.

Just last week, our own Simon Rosenberg has commented on the the book--which takes the long-run view on the challenges facing our nation and our economy. Considering the similar view coming out of the Globalization Initiative at NDN, it's safe to say that we're fans of the book.