An Inconvenient Report

I would like to know (and if any readers know please email me) how it came to pass that the White House finally released a four year late report on the impact of climate change on the eve of Senate consideration next week of the Lieberman Warner Climate Change legislation.  The Bush Administration has fought release of the report for four years and from its contents it is clear just why.  Perhaps someone in the Office of Science and Technology Policy cared deeply enough about the climate change issue to release the report in time for next week's debate.  In any case, the picture of the future it paints is brutal.  Essentially, it predicts the end of the America we know today.

A few tidbits: By 2080, heat related deaths will soar particularly among the old and frail, streams will warm, sea levels will rise, wildfires will rage, droughts will afflict the Southwest, pests will threaten crops and billions will need to be spent both to combat flooding and air condition a hotter country.

The report only summarizes dozens of other studies but the overall effect, particularly, released on the eve of Senate debate of climate change legislation is stunning.   You can read it here