NDN on Obama the leader and how CA ruling helps Newsom

Over the past few days, NDN commented on two very important news items: the CA ruling on same-sex marriage and the emergence of Barack Obama as a leader.

- John M. Glionna and Lee Romney of the Los Angeles Times asked Simon his opinion of how the recent decision by the CA Supreme Court to legalize same-sex marriage will affect San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom. In their piece, Same-sex marriage ruling is a boost for San Francisco's Newsom, Simon argues that the decision will help Newsom. "Until now, what voters know about Newsom outside San Francisco is still shallow," he says. "But this cause will help him define himself. Now he can speak to a state and national audience on an issue where he has stuck by his principles." (5/17/08) (This was also featured in the United Press International.)

- In the Washington Independent, Holly Yeager shows how Barack Obama is adjusting to his new position as The Party Leader. Simon walks readers through the process, explaining how "Obama will be controlling the Democratic convention, and the entire convention will be about nominating him and his ascension to the top of the party." He adds: "We’re now going to see Sen. Obama’s insurgent campaign melding and becoming the party establishment. There is going to be a new Democratic Party. There is going to be an upheaval and a new order is going to emerge." (5/15/08)