Open discussion: WWOS?

The first part of this week's open discussion will focus on what will happen after tomorrow's contests in OR and KY. Specifically What Will Obama Say? In an e-mail to the Obama listserv, Campaign Manager David Plouffe uncharacteristically says to, "Be sure to tune in tomorrow night to see Barack's speech." Since this piece from the Politico's Carrie Budoff Brown (a fellow CYHS alum) calls into question the post-WV rumors that Obama would claim victory after May 20, I wonder what he will say tomorrow night. What are your thoughts?

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PS - the next open discussion topic will be determined soon. In the meantime, I'd like your thoughts on these. Shout out to Ben Smith for pointing out the Obama Air Force Ones. Is an Obama "Jumpman" clothing line next?


Dan Balz's article in today's Washington Post has more on what Obama might say tonight:

...Obama will not celebrate primary night in either of those states. Instead, he has chosen to be in Iowa, where his victory in the caucuses in January turned the Democratic race upside down. There, at a rally in Des Moines, he is expected to declare that he has secured a majority of the pledged delegates currently eligible to attend August's Democratic convention in Denver.

Obama and his advisers insist the event will stop short of a declaration that he has won the nomination. But it will be seen as another signal to superdelegates to climb aboard his bandwagon as quickly as possible.