What NDN Is Saying This Week About Obama, Clinton

Over the past two days, NDN has been quoted widely (both nationally and internationally) about the state of the presidential election.

- Starting it off, Lynn Sweet of the Chicago Sun-Times offers a preview of Tuesday's primaries in IN and NC noting, Even if Hillary wins today, math in Obama's favor. If both candidates win one state, which is what happened, Simon explains that "is inconclusive and that benefits Obama." (5/6/08)

- Susan Milligan from the Boston Globe takes a deeper look at Tuesday's primaries, showing that Votes cast along racial fault lines, exit polls show. Simon adds his analysis to the piece, particularly on Obama's perceived elitism, which he believes was put to rest after NC and IN. He also said the campaign made the struggle of everyday people - a topic which he's written about on our blog - a priority in those states more than they have in any other preceding state. (5/7/08)

- Edward Luce of the Financial Times cites Simon, who explains how Resurgent Obama regains his voice by returning to the core message of his campaign, despite the heavy focus on Reverend Wright and the gas tax.

- The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci reports as Obama wins North Carolina - Indiana nail-biter. Simon again says that the dynamic of the race is unchanged; however, he argues that Senator Obama has to go from winning the race to actually having won it, and that's the drama. He hasn't done it - in part Senator Clinton has run a ferocious and remarkable campaign.

- Carla then uses Simon's blog post from yesterday in her follow-up piece showing how a Defiant Clinton vows to battle on. (5/8/08) (The post was also picked up by Kos.)

- Susan Milligan from the Boston Globe also picked up Simon's post on the Michigan and Florida delegates in her piece, Obama camp plays it close to vest on tactics. (5/8/08)

- The necessary fundraising that she must do as Clinton's options dwindle, Democrats hope for exit strategy is Simon's focus in Bill Lambrecht's piece from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. (5/8/08)

- Simon's money argument surfaced again in an article by Liz Sidoti, Beth Fouhy, and Jim Kuhnhenn from the AP in their piece, Clinton pushes ahead with White House bid. (5/8/08)

- Looking on as Obama will need to unite divided party, USA Today's Susan Page quotes Simon as to whether or not reuniting the Democratic party once a nominee is chosen will be difficult. (5/9/08)

- Taking a different note as we look ahead is Adam Nagourney from the New York Times. His piece, For the Democrats, Signs of a Possible Changing of the Guard, shows how an Obama administration would be different and cites Simon first, saying, "There is going to be a new set of people running the show. The Clintons and their allies have been running the show for 16 years. You’re going to see a new generation of political leaders coming to the fore. It’s going to create an upheaval." (5/8/08)

- Nagourney's piece also was picked up by the IHT and Australia's The Age.

- Toby Harnden from the Telegraph titled his piece bluntly: Clinton refuses to quit, but battle 'is over'. Simon's commentary on the financial outlook of Senator Clinton's campaign is perhaps not as blunt as Harnden's title, but offers a reality check nonetheless. He said, "What usually drives candidates out of an election in the United States is not a sense that they're losing but when the money runs out." (5/8/08)

- In his article, Gas tax battle was a political gift to Obama, Reuters' John Whitesides quoted Simon as saying, "The game changer in the last week was when Clinton went after him on the gas tax...Obama pivoted very well to the economy and figured out how to talk about the struggles of everyday people." (05/08/08) (Also featured on Comcast.net)

- Simon was asked by Newsday's Craig Gordon what he thought about an Obama-Clinton ticket. In the article, 'Clinton, Obama hesitate to build 'Dream Team,' Simon offers his thoughts: "If Senator Obama is the nominee, it will be a very serious option that he has to give serious consideration to...She's won a lot of delegates, she's raised a lot of money, she would bring a lot to the ticket." (5/08/08)


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