NDN News Round Up

- NDN received a few shout outs in the Huffington Post over the past few days. First, Tom Edsall quotes Simon on Obama's Dilemma: To Debate or Not Debate. (04/29/08) Second, Sam Stein quotes Dr. Robert Shapiro, Chair of NDN's Globalization Initiative and author of Futurecast, in his piece on Hillary Clinton's gas tax showing Expert Support For Gas Tax Holiday Appears Nonexistent. (04/30/08)

- Tom Abate of the San Francisco Chronicle focused on Dr. Robert Shapiro as a Trade expert makes the case for globalization. (Abate highlights Shapiro's talk from an NDN event at the Fairmont on April 10.) (04/11/08)

- In NDN-related news, Morley Winograd and Mike Hais, coauthors of Millennial Makeover, were featured in TelephonyOnline (04/28/08), the St. Louis Post-Dispatch (04/27/08), the San Jose Mercury News (04/27/08), and KGTV 10News.com (04/23/08) in San Diego. Also, NDN Chairman Joe Andrew's superdelegate decision made news today. (05/01/08)