NDN round up: In the news, around the blogs

Before I get to my press round up, let me first say that this is awesome. Okay, now that that's covered, let me jump right into our recent press coverage. Simon's analysis that Senator Clinton might not have the power to alter/win the race despite her success is a feature in many articles:

- Michael Tackett from the Chicago Tribune continues to help spread Simon's realistic narrative on the 2008 campaign with his News analysis: Democrats' epic movie now on final reel. (04/23/08)

- Despite the fact that Clinton gets make-or-break win in Pennsylvania, Scott Helman and Susan Milligan from the Boston Globe have Simon offer his realistic look at the broader election narrative. (04/22/08)

- Bill Lambrecht of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch had two great pieces that featured NDN commentary. Reflecting on her most recent win, he argues that Clinton faces uphill battle despite win in Pennsylvania primary, then looks on With Clinton win, spotlight falls on Indiana. (4/23/08)

- Holly Yeager also cites NDN in numerous pieces. She reflects on PA as The Campaign Marches On and then looks more at the crystal ball, showing Why the Pennsylvania Primary Will Register in November. She also blogs about the lack of contests we saw up until PA in Six Long Weeks. (04/23/08, 04/22/08, 04/22/08)

- NPI Director Peter Leyden was also quoted in Magdalena Rittenhouse's piece in the Polish news on the 2008 election. Read a PDF of the article (in Polish) on our website.

- In the Financial Times, Edward Luce pays attention to another potential narrative emerging in this election - that Doubts grow over 'elitist' Obama. (04/28/08)

- Representing one of two cities in PA finding success in hockey, Frank Visco from the Philadelphia Inquirer cites Simon in his piece, showing that If candidates want to win, they better get Web wise. (04/24/08)

- Building off a post of his from a while back, Carolyn Lochhead from the San Francisco Chronicle has Simon reflect on the "bigger state" argument as
Party leaders don't seem to care Clinton has taken the big states
. (04/23/08) (Anita Marie covers this piece in her post on The Bitter Taste of Victory.)

- With more from the San Francisco Chronicle on the PA primary, Carla Marinucci folds Simon's realism into her piece, regardless of the fact that Pennsylvania win a vital boost for Clinton. (04/23/08) (Carla's piece is also featured on the Hillary Clinton Club)