Obama's waffles take the cake

I know everyone was eager for a round up, but I'm going to justify not doing one after seeing this story - linked by the Philadelphia Inquirer - from the Scranton Times-Tribune:

After a flood of calls to Glider Diner, Sen. Barack Obama's waffles are now off eBay.

John Oakes, of Chinchilla, said the negative calls diner owner Charles LeStrange received wasn't worth the publicity and money that could be possibly raised. Even though it had reached $20,100 in a day.

"It had nothing to do with him (Mr. LeStrange), but everyone was blaming him. So we took it down," said Mr. Oakes.

Mr. LeStrange gave Mr. Obama's leftover waffles and sausage, along with a plate and silverware to Mr. Oakes, whom he called a loyal customer.

Mr. Oakes, who supports Sen. Hillary Clinton for president, put the waffles up and said the money raised from the sale of Mr. Obama's breakfast would "go to Hillary for President!!!! Haha."

"We put it up there because we figured people are nuts and they might go crazy with it. And guess what? They did," Mr. Oakes said.

But he said the funds would not have gone to just Mrs. Clinton's campaign.

The auction money would have been donated to either the Democratic Party or be split between both the Clinton and Obama campaigns.

The auction was put up Monday afternoon and had solicited 36 bids by 2:45 p.m. today, the highest at $20,100. It was taken down about 15 minutes later.

Mr. Oakes said he isn't sure what he will do with the leftovers now.