NDN round up: In the news, around the blogs

Another quick round-up of stories and posts that have featured NDN commentary:

- Once again, John Whitesides takes a realistic look at the race in his latest Reuters piece, Obama rolling as Clinton running out of time. In it, Simon lays out the narrative of the race to date: It doesn't seem like [Senator Clinton] has the power to alter the dynamic of the race anymore. (4/18/08) (The story was heavily picked up and was featured on sites like Kenya's Majimbo and Hillary Clinton Club.)

- Holly Yeager from the Washington Independent applies Whitesides' article to tomorrow's Pennsylvania primary in A Win, But No Victory and takes Simon's quote to a new level: “She doesn’t have a lot of tools left,” said Simon Rosenberg, president of NDN, a progressive think tank and advocacy group. “Sen. Clinton has done everything she can to alter the dynamics of the race, and everything she has done has failed.” (04/21/08)

- Robert J. Shapiro, Chair of NDN's Globalization Initiative and author of Futurecast, was once again quoted in a New York Magazine piece. This time, John Heilemann, who recently spoke at our March 12 Forum, quoted Dr. Shapiro on Barack Obama's economic argument. Entitled Econobamanomic Theory, Heilemann shows how Obama needs to borrow a page from Bill Clinton's play book in order to chart a future for Democrats that is aligned with his message of change and hope. (04/21/08) (FYI: Dr. Shapiro will expand upon this in a video to be blogged later this evening.)

- NDN's New Politics Institute was featured in the Chattanooga Times Free Press. In the article, Matt Wilson cites NPI Director Peter Leyden to show how the GOP needs to get with the times if it wants to compete - that the Democrats hold the advantage when it comes to using new tools like web video and viral video in general. (04/21/08) Learn more about this at two upcoming NDN events: Reimagine Video on April 24 and New Tools, New Audiences on May 9. Both are in DC and open to all.

In NDN-related news, Morley Winograd and Mike Hais, coauthors of Millennial Makeover, a book we've been promoting to our family, have themselves been featured in numerous stories:

- The San Francisco Chronicle's Carla Marinucci features Winograd and Hais in her piece, 'Millennial Generation' set to rock the vote. (Related aside: the Millennial Makeover coauthors were interviewed for the Chronicle story around an NDN event promoting their book in San Francisco!) (04/20/08)

- News Blaze lets us know about a neat conference taking place in a few weeks at USC's Marshall School of Business, where one of the keynote speakers on "The Millennial Generation: Revolutionizing the Enterprise Workplace?" is none other than Morley Winograd. (04/21/08)

- Amber Arellano shows Winograd and Hais, a Michigander and local professor respectively, some home town appreciation in her piece in the Detroit News, Bring on the next civic generation, the Millennials. (04/21/08)

- Christine Sparta of New Jersey's Home News Tribune relates the civic engagement of Millennials to the campus of Rutgers University, then takes a broader look at student engagement in the world in her piece, Demonstrators voice their protests with ageless enthusiasm. (04/19/08)