NDN round up: In the news, around the blogs

We've been discussing a wide range of issues so I wanted to give you a quick summary of stories and blog posts that have featured our commentary:

- The National Journal's Ron Brownstein adopts a similar argument to our virtuous cycle of participation to show how this election has produced The First 21st-Century Campaign (4/19/08). (It continues a theme presented in a prior piece from Rolling Stone that featured NDN and still gets picked up often, The Machinery of Hope. You can hear Joe Trippi discuss how campaigns have changed in this video from our event, The Uncharted Political Terrain of Campaign '08.)

- Simon injects some reality into McCain's relationship with Hispanics in Hans Nichols' piece from Bloomberg entitled, McCain Plea to Hispanics Dismays Anti-Immigration Republicans. (4/15/08)

- Inside US Trade covered Simon's letter to the President on the U.S.-Colombia FTA in their piece, New Dem Group Sees Bush Using Colombia FTA To Get Florida Votes. (4/11/08)

- John Whitesides creates a new narrative on the presidential trail in his Reuters piece, Obama closing superdelegates gap. In it, Simon shows how the migration of the superdelegates follows Obama's success in fundraising and winning the popular vote. (4/11/08) (The narrative in the piece is spreading virally thanks to blogs like Cheeky Monkey.)

- Simon's answer is among A Whole Slew of Interesting Videos from Progressives on what the next President should do on day one in this post from DailyKos. (4/9/08)

- Future Majority touched on the Culture Clash at the New New Deal Conference. (4/9/08)

- Commenting on the ability of Democrats to manage and execute a modern campaign, Simon weighs in with the Politico's Ben Smith on how Obama readies plan to reshape the electorate. (4/2/08) To learn more about the tools available in this new campaign environment, check out the New Tools Campaign of our New Politics Institute. (To learn more about all this, come to our Reimagine Video event on April 24, or our New Tools, New Audiences event on May 9.)

- After highlighting the power of Latinos over the course of the 2008 election, a subject we've documented quite a bit ourselves, the Politico's Gebe Martinez quotes NDN's Andres Ramirez on how Latinos more likey to be colorblind in the 2008 election than some may think. (4/1/08)

NDN was also featured on the BBC in two different pieces.

- On BBC Newshour, Simon previews the Philadelphia debate with James Coomarasamy:

- On BBC Radio 4, Simon highlights Gordon Brown's trip to the U.S.

To check the past articles in which NDN is mentioned, check our website's news section.