New WaPo/ABC poll consistent with Daily Tracks

On the whole, the latest Washington Post-ABC News poll bodes well for Senator Obama. The poll, which was conducted as Obama's "bitter" comments were made,
remains mostly consistent with the Gallup and Rasmussen daily tracks:

Sen. Barack Obama holds a 10-point lead over Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton when Democrats are asked whom they would prefer to see emerge as the party's presidential nominee, but there is little public pressure to bring the long and increasingly heated contest to an end, according to a new Washington Post-ABC News poll. 

The fierce battle, however, appears to have taken a toll on the image of Clinton, who was once seen as the favorite. And Obama has widened his lead since early February on several key qualities that voters are looking for in a candidate and has narrowed sizable advantages for Clinton on others.

He now has a 2-to-1 edge on who is considered more electable in a general contest -- a major reversal from the last poll -- and has dramatically reduced a large Clinton lead on which of the two is the "stronger leader."

While Clinton retains a big edge over Obama on experience, public impressions of her have taken a sharply negative turn. Today, more Americans have an unfavorable view of her than at any time since The Post and ABC began asking the question, in 1992. Impressions of her husband, former president Bill Clinton, also have grown negative by a small margin.

As the Post article notes, while it has taken a hit, Obama's favorability remains more positive than negative. So things might get interesting in Philadelphia. For the second time. Then again, with the Flyers doing well who knows how much attention this will get.

Either way, be sure to tune into ABC at 8 p.m. EST to watch it all. ABC's Charlie Gibson and George Stephanopoulos are the moderators.