Clinton Rising, Part 2

In my post yesterday afternoon, prior to the results last night, I wrote about the structural changes taking place in the Democratic race and the resulting big shift towards Senator Clinton.

The Clinton mo' continues today. After her big wins last night, the two national tracks we follow show continued, substantial movement towards her and away from Senator Obama. Gallup now has it 48% Clinton, 44% Obama, changed from 45%-45% yesterday. Rasmussen now also shows a similar spread, 48%-43%.

While Senator Obama holds a substantial and significant lead in the delegates, Senator Clinton is now in command of this race in a way I'm not sure we've seen since the voting began. Obama has a chance to change the narrative with WY and MS in the next week, but we are seeing the evolution of a very different moment in the campaign now.

I will have more to say about it all a little later.

Update: TPM Election Central projects that Senator Clinton will net out 10 more delegates last night than Senator Obama.

Update 2: Once again, Jonathan Alter over at Newsweek does the delegate math, and it still favors Obama.

Update 3: Texas. Kos writes it looks like Obama will win more delegates in Texas than the good Senator from New York. Does this mean he won Texas, and that he and Senator Clinton split the two big states last night?