Obama's lead grows

Looking at the rash of new national polls there is no doubt now that we find significant movement towards Obama this week. The CBS/Times poll had him ahead of Senator Clinton by 16 points, the USA/Gallup had it 11, the new Rasmussen has it at 9, and the daily Gallup track, which had it even now has Obama up 5 - 48/43 - two days in a row. The last 3 TX polls have him up mid-single digits, and while she leads in OH and PA those leads have shrunk to 4-5 points.

In the last week or so, there has been a structural shift in the race with Obama now definititively ahead by 5-10 points. On Feb 5th he trailed by 14. So there has been at least a 20 point shift in the race over the last few weeks.

What does this mean for Tuesday? Obama now leads by his largest margin, and while it looks awfully good for him, this election has shown that almost anything is possible.

Fri Update: Today's Gallup Daily Track has it now 49-42 Obama up from 48-43 earlier this week. More evidence of movement in his direction.