New Gallup poll shows dramatic Dem gains, GOP collapse

A new Gallup poll shows very dramatic gains for the Democratic brand and further evidence of what we've been calling the collapse of the GOP brand.

Key points:

- Democrats lead in Party Identification by one of the largest margins ever recorded by Gallup, 40%-26%.

- The Democratic Party has a 56/38 favorable/unfavorable rating. The GOP 41/52.

- A clear majority believes the Democratic Party is much more likely to bring about the changes the country needs, and are able to manage the federal government effectively.

We've been making the case since the fall of 2005 that the conservative ascendency that brought us Reagan, Gingrich, Bush, the Southern Strategy - and that has so weakened America - has come to an end, and a new era of politics is being born. This new poll is further evidence of the extraordinary opportunity the Democrats and progressives have in the years ahead to move beyond the failed politics of this conservative era and make the big changes the times and the nation requires.

Update: I talked about this conservative collapse in my remarks at our Political Forum this week in DC.