A new meme tonight - time is running out for Senator Clinton

On MSNBC tonight Chuck Todd made the case that given the way the delegates are breaking that for Clinton to win now she will have to win more than 60% of the vote in all the remaining states beginning on March 4th.   He made the simple case - which I had not heard before - that it is starting to become hard to see how she can win. 

The media tonight seemed to be coming to terms with this emerging reality.  Mike Henry's resignation played right into this narrative (Mike Henry btw is one of the most talented political operatives in the country).   And to add one scary stat for the Clinton crowd - as Hillary spoke live from El Paso to a very Hispanic crowd -  it was reported that Obama won Hispanics in Virginia tonight. 

March 4th is three weeks away.  It is going to be a long and hard 3 weeks for Senator Clinton.  It is likely that during this period Obama will take a commanding national lead in the polls, and may even start leading in Ohio and Texas.  Will her money hold out? 

The two debates in this period will be very important for both sides.  

While Obama pulled ahead of Clinton in this past week, he also seems to be pulling ahead of McCain.  Most polls out this week had Obama beating McCain by between 3 and 6 points.  Some polls had McCain down in the low 40s.  Soon, Obama may be ahead of McCain by a significant margin, and will all of a sudden be the frontrunner not just in the Democratic Primary but also in the general election against John McCain, who is struggling to put his Party back together. 

In Virginia tonight twice as many people voted Democrat than Republican.  30 percent of all those who voted Democrat tonight were independents or Republicans.  Obama's strength and McCain's weakness have become the dominant themes of this next phase of the campaign.