Simon speaks in Israel and London

Yesterday, Simon Rosenberg spoke at IPPR while in London. Since 1988, IPPR has been one of the UK's leading progressive think tanks, constantly producing innovative policy ideas and top of the line research. In Simon's speech, he discussed the changing media landscape and its effects on the broadcasting of political campaigns. In addition, he explained how technology is changing the dynamic of campaign fundraising to one more focused on the individual. He also addressed the evolving demographic within America today, specifically noting the importance of two groups we focus on here at NDN: Hispanics and Millennials.

Please click here for a full recording of Simon's speech as well as an interesting Q & A session.

Also, earlier this week Simon spoke at the Herzliya Conference, Israel’s premier foreign policy forum. He spoke on a panel which dealt with globalization and the impact of technology on the global economy. You can view a video of his opening statement on the panel by clicking here; click on “Monday” on top of the page then scroll down until you see Simon’s name under the Monday sessions. We'll embed the video when we can.