Nevada: In the Air Tonight

(At my Mother's request, best if read while listening to Phil Collins. If only I could've found some relevance in Sussudio...)

Will Barack Obama's support from the Culinary Workers Union vault him to first place in the NV caucus? Will Hillary Clinton's extensive outreach in the Hispanic community, coupled with her persistent economic message, prevail? Or will John Edwards throw the Democratic field off with a victory? To be sure, there is one thing I for one am hoping for: high turnout.

As Nevadans head to caucus in a few hours, we will know the answers to all those questions and more.

For a few interesting reads, check out the articles below:

- Ali Helgoth points out the importance of campaigning in Elko, NV in the Elko Daily Free Press.

- As Scott Sonner writes in the Reno Gazette Journal, the caucus is finally upon us.

- In the Las Vegas Sun, Alex Richards and Mike Trask highlight the significance of Nevada in the primary process. 

- And last but not least, Shailagh Murray and Anne Kornblut offer their preview of Nevada in the Washington Post.

Also, be sure to check out the candidates' ads in NV below.