Our broken election system

There may be no greater example of the failure of leadership of the Bush era than that after the terrible experience of Florida in 2000 America still has a broken and unreliable election system. 

The Times magazine has a great piece which takes an indepth look at the problems we may face in the fall elections.

Last night the Democratic candidates, particularly Obama and Edwards, talked a great deal about making average every day people the focus of our politics.  Obama talked about the need for greater openness, transparency and accountability in our government.  But there should be little doubt that as the eventual Democratic nominee develops their "reform" agenda,they will need to put the bringing of greater integrity and openness to our electoral system at its very center.  It is not just a moral necessity, and one consistent with our values and tradition, but allowing the electoral system of the most powerful country in the world to be in question needs to be seen as a major national security concern as well. 

My hope is that our leaders will do more than insist on working voting machines, and look at things like same day voting registration, adopting a single national popular vote, weekend voting, more experiments with vote by mail and even potentially eliminating the need to register as additional reforms.  We simply have to make it easier to vote.   Voting should not be harder than getting a credit card in the US.  

There is much to do to clean up the mess of the Bush era.  Designing and building an American voting system for the 21st century needs to become one of the top priorities for candidates of both parties.