Reaching Hispanics With Soccer

I think i'll leave this article without too much comment. In relation to the wisdom NDN's soccer campaign, i'd say it pretty much speaks for itself:


On soccer Sundays, Hispanic immigrants crowd parks across nation

By MATT REED Associated Press Writer

(AP) - COLUMBUS, Ohio-The buzz of a nearby highway can't drown out the yelling, the shouts in Spanish, the referee's whistle - the sounds of soccer being played on a weekend afternoon.

At Rhodes Park on any given summer Sunday, families and friends gather to watch teams with names such as Club Chiapas, Cantaranas or Quiroga - names that recall professional soccer teams or home villages in Mexico and Honduras.

As more immigrants settle outside the Southwest, Hispanic soccer is becoming more competitive and organized around the country and attracting interest from businesses looking to reach young Hispanic immigrants.....The secret is to reach Hispanics where they are, and they're gathering on the soccer fields, not at high-end malls.......