The cost of Bush's wars over $2 trillion

Many news outlets reported this week on a new analysis showing that the costs of our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq will cost America well over $2 trillion.  I include a good cut on the story from USA Today. 

So, do we really believe if the American people were asked back in 2002 that if you had $2 trillion to spend on our future would you spend it this way?  What else could have we done with that money?  According to Jeff Sachs that is enough money to have eliminated extreme poverty throughout the entire world.  According to many analysts, it is enough money to have modernized all the infrastructure in the United States.   Think about what it could have done for our schools, for our workers and their skills, for protecting our homeland, for the NIH, for our health care system.....

So as the Republicans begin to make their case that we cannot afford to make critical investments here at home we have to put all this in perspective.  Somehow they found $2 - $3 trillion for a failed and dangerous adventure abroad, but we cannot find the money to make critical needed investments in our collective future?  This debate needs to be at the very heart of the Presidential campaign next year.

What a terribly disapointing time this age of Bush has been.