A changing and challenging world will greet the next President

Taken together stories in the paper today how the next President will be greeted with a very challenging - and evolving - governing environment. 

Consider that Pakistan seems to be slipping further away.  Hostilities between the Kurds and Turks are growing.  The pro-nuclear hardliners are consolidating their grip in Iran, with apparent support from Putin.  The Times laments the lack of action on the current global trade "development round," and Professor Paul Collier does an excellent job laying out the challenge of eliminating extreme poverty in the world and the instability that comes with it.  Frank Rich does a remarkable review of the mess that is Iraq, and what it says about the values of our current Administration, still deeply embroiled in dispirating debates over torture, warentless spying on American citizens and the strategic use of unaccountable GOP-allied private armies

The Bush era has left the world less safe and America's capacity to influence global events significantly reduced.  Our next President will be facing a newly emerging and very difficult set of foreign policy challenges, that coupled with a huge set of domestic challenges will make this next Presidency one of the most important in American history.  We are clearly now in a time of great consequence for the nation and the world.  What a disapointing time this age of Bush has been.