Reed Hundt on the Larger Trend of Mobile Media and Social Networks

Reed Hundt, the former Chariman of the FCC, writes about the true larger trends for mobile media and services over at the is a key quote from his posting:

"The inevitable corollary will be that mobile devices provide the primary mode of access to the Internet. Mobile computing devices -- laptops and "tweeners" (objects between cellphones and laptops) -- will become the primary means of using microprocessor power, at least for consumers.

The means for forming groups, gathering information, developing beliefs, sharing values, and taking action --what we apprehend now as social networks -- will become as widespread and effective as mobile communications itself. The handheld device will become the essential technology for performing the mechanical job of interacting within and between societies.

No single part of government in the United States pays much attention to these trends ...the implications of the new mobile web vastly outstrip government's capability to think about those implications ...Businesses in this field, on the other hand, are well aware of what's going on."