The Next Generation of Voters: Tweens and Technology

In another sign of the tech centric nature of the “next generation” of voters… A recent survey of “tweens” showed their most desired items to buy as they go back to school…

69% of the students aged between 7 - 12 years old “say they strongly desire a cell phone to complete their back-to-school wares, even naming the new iPhone as one of their choices.”

“When asked what one item they most wanted before hearing the first school bell, the 10-12 year olds who responded to the online survey listed cell phones and computers above their interests for a new backpack or book bag…”

And this is part of a larger trend:

“…Compared to the 2006 ShopLocal survey for teenagers ages 13-17, there was an 18 percent increase among those who said they most wanted a new cell phone and a 15 percent decrease in those who most wanted clothing or accessories.”