New Data on Social Networks and the 2008 Election

A GMI Poll was just released on the effect of Social Networks like Myspace and Facebook on the 2008 election. It had some very interesting findings:

"The poll revealed that 17 percent of consumers have looked at presidential candidates' MySpace, Facebook, or other social networking pages."
and that "it's not just youngsters who are checking out the candidates' profiles: 62 percent who say they've looked at a candidate's MySpace or Facebook page are over 30."

After visiting a candidate's page, more than half (53 percent) say they are more likely to vote for the candidate.... Sixty-four percent say they felt like they personally knew the candidate better after visiting their social networking page...."

And also: "41 percent say MySpace and other social networking sites will affect the presidential race and 51 percent think voter turnout among young adults will increase due to social networking sites like MySpace."