"Americans Over 50 Say TV is Best Source of News, Those Under 40 Cite Internet"

A good snapshot of American's views of how to best get news and of the changing media landscape is seen in today's Rasmussen poll:

"A Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey found that adults under 40 name the Internet as the best source [for news] while 40-somethings are divided between those two worlds...

Overall, 37% of the nation’s adults still see television as the best source for news and information. Thirty percent (30%) name the Internet, 14% say print newspapers, and 13% look to radio for news and information.

...there remains another huge gap when it comes to social networking. Forty-seven percent (47%) of under-30 adults regularly use a social network like Facebook or MySpace. Just 22% of 30-somethings do the same. Just 6% of 40-somethings use social networks a percentage that falls to 2% among those over 50."