The New Politics Theme and NPI sightings in the Mainstream Media

Last week it was the YouTube/CNN debates. This week it’s the YearlyKos gathering of the Netroots in Chicago. It’s been quite a summer for anything to do with New Politics. And we’re just gearing up for what certainly will be an eventful fall. The mainstream media has been focusing an enormous amount of attention on all this New Politics, and the New Politics Institute has been one place where they have turned to for insight into what is happening. With that in mind, we post some links to stories that have been done recently in which we helped out and were quoted. This does not include the new media of the blogs or online world, but more the traditional media of newspapers, television and radio. And many of the non-print interviews do not have a presence on the web so are not included. We keep a running tab of these various media sightings for the New Politics Institutes at our website at on the “buzz” page. You can follow the media conversation there, or check out some of the links below. Thanks

BBC.Com – YouTube Changes Face of US Debate - July 23rd

US News and World ReportA Hair-Raising YouTube Duel - July 29th

The New York Times – In a Highly Complex World, Innovation from the Top Down - July 29th

US News and World Report - Cyberactivists a Must-See for Candidates - Aug 1st 

San Francisco Chronicle - YouTube Steals the Dem Debate - July 24th

KCRW Radio: To The Point with Warren Olney – Will YouTube Change the Substance of Presidential Politics? - July 24th

San Jose Mercury News – Tough questions for Democratic contenders from the YouTube crowd - July 24th

Mother JonesInterview with Peter Leyden: New Politics Institute Director - June 29th

On the Media: New York Public Radio – Googlitics - June 15th

AP News via Tucson Citizen – Will YouTube revolutionize '08 presidential debates? Don't bet on it - July 27th