The Iraqi Soccer Team

I hope one of the teams of Major League Soccer here in the US invite the remarkable Iraqi National soccer team to play a "friendly" match sometime soon.  

We need to do something to honor these players and their country.  Sunni, Shiite, Kurd, playing together for national pride in a troubled nation, improbably advancing to the Asia Cup finals.  Against who? Sunni Saudi Arabia, a nation that has not yet fully accepted the new Iraqi government, which of course is the first Shiite-led Arab nation in the history of the Middle East. 

I also feel that somehow the events of yesterday, the killing not just of people but of joy itself, will become to be seen as an important day.  Perhaps it will become a rallying cry for the government and average people to fight harder against the chaos and those looking to rip their country apart.  Perhaps it will be a sign of disintegration, a moment when Iraqi's descent into chaos hit the point of no return.  My own sense is on this one the insurgents went too far, and that the global and local outrage brought by the soccer bombings will become, at least for now, a rallying cry for those working against the chaos. 

In that sense these horrible killings are an opportunity, an opportunity for the Iraqi leaders and our government to start to change the impression that sustained chaos in Iraq is inevitable.