Breaking through

In the last several weeks NDN's arguments about American politics have been breaking through in powerful ways:

Immigration and its implications for the GOP - We are all deeply disappointed with the results of the immigration battle this year. However, the political aftermath of the debate has created a unique opportunity, one that may enhance our chances of reviving the bill, or even passing better immigration legislation, in the near future. NDN led an effort, capped by a joint press conference with NCLR last week, which demonstrated how the harsh tone of the immigration debate was pushing Hispanics away from the GOP, threatening their capacity to become a majority party in the 21st century. Our advice to the GOP throughout was "to sue for peace:" work with the Democrats to pass comprehensive immigration reform and minimize the damage to their brand in the Hispanic community, the fastest growing part of the American electorate. While we didn't win that battle, our efforts in the media had a significant impact on the interpretation of what happened as the bill collapsed last week.

The best example of our message success was a highly influential Wall Street Journal editorial last Wednesday, a day before the vote. But you can also find our presence and influence in articles in Newsweek, USNews, Congressional Quarterly and The New York Times, the LA Times (here and here), The St. Petersburg Times, The South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Salon (here and here), DailyKos, and The Hill. A national AP piece ran in dozens of papers across the country, and several of the stories above got picked up in major outlets like CBS News. This narrative also appeared in a front page story in USA Today last Thursday, and the New York Times on Sunday.

Reviewing these stories, it is clear the NDN team created and shaped the national narrative in these last few weeks around this very consequential immigration battle.

The emergence of a New Politics - Our large argument about how the big changes in three areas - governing agenda, media/tech/advertising and demography - are reinventing politics continued to drive media coverage of politics. Most prominently, a major NPR story by Mara Liasson highlighted NDN's extraordinary efforts to create a culture of investment to help create a 21st century infrastructure for progressive politics. Ron Brownstein's recent LA Times column featured our thinking about the emergence of a people powered politics. A recent New York Times article featured our commentary on the changing face of political advertising. A front page Washington Post story this week featured the thinking of NPI Fellow Tim Chambers, and referred to his excellent NPI paper on mobile media. And NPI Director Peter Leyden is featured in the current issue of Mother Jones where he discusses the potential of open-source politics.

NPI recently released an important new report, The Progressive Politics of the Millenial Generation, which Future Majority urges progressives to "make your bible for talking about young people in politics." A survey of young Americans by the New York Times/CBS News/MTV, released several days later, shows very similar statistics and comes to many of the same conclusions as our NPI report. If you haven't already read this important report, it certainly is worth a look.

All of this press has come in just the last few weeks. This year, NDN and its team has appeared in literally hundreds of stories in news outlets across the nation, in all types of media, in both Spanish and English. We have been quoted in front page stories of most major publications, including the New York Times Magazine, on topics ranging from globalization to the rise of Millennials to the emergence of viral video on the internet. Our Hispanic Strategy Director, Joe Garcia, was also part of the panel on Telemundo the night of the State of the Union.

The reason all this matters is that our work together is breaking through. NDN is not just imagining a better future for progressives, our point of view is being heard, driving the debate, having an impact. I am very proud of this powerful community we've built, together, and promise that we are working hard each and every day to usher in a better future for our politics and our nation.