Post on Mobile Use in Politics (Part II)

It's interesting to read (thank you, Technorati) some of the blogs pointing to the Post article Simon Just mentioned. My favorite so far has been written by John Bell, who works at the Ogilvy PR's 360 Digital group...

John writes:

"I have posted before about wpp's investments in mobile marketing and their view of 2007 as a 'try-and-learn' year for most marketers in North America and even Europe. That means that terrific things are possible...

So, we have built mobile marketing into our strategic plans for all 360° Digital Influence projects. Sometimes it extends a concept. Sometimes it leads the creative thinking. But there are several milestones that are being reached right now that will make this very timely:

'...As a Mass Media, mobile has six unique benefits, that are not able to be copied anywhere else.

  1. Mobile is the first personal mass media (even the internet is only semi-personal)
  2. it is the first always carried media.
  3. It is the first always on mass media
  4. Mobile is the first mass media with a built-in payment channel
  5. It is the first media device available at the point of inspiration
  6. mobile is the first mass media with near-perfect audience information'"