Obama and Facebook: more than friends

Barack Obama's campaign recently dove deeper into Facebook with the debut of the Obama Facebook application. Now, not only can be Obama's friend but also an on-line advertiser of his campaign's happenings. The application's official description:

The Obama application puts the most recent campaign video and news on your profile and in front of your friends. It also enables you to easily communicate with your friends in early primary states where support for Barack is especially important.

While the Obama-Facebook relationship isn't surprising, as one of Obama's staffers co-founded Facebook, this is a great step for the new political tools of our time.

(Background: The application was created after Facebook launched its new developers platform, which allows users to create applications that can be integrated into users' profiles.)

Interesting Facebook UPDATE: Facebook is taking social interaction one step further in Canada, serving as a platform for Canadians who want to offer their hopes/dreams/etcetera as to where their nation is heading.

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