Quick 2008 update

- Senator Hillary Clinton introduced her 7-step strategy to reduce the costs of health care in a major speech today at George Washington University.

- Mitt Romney released his new "Tested, Proven" ad.

- Al Gore explains the themes behind his book The Assault on Reason on Good Morning America.

- Like Gore did in his book, John Edwards, who just expanded his ad buy to Oregon and gave a major speech on foreign policy, touched on how he believes the internet is good for democracy:

- Speaking of John Edwards, Mike Huckabee's campaign launched a new fundraising drive. Launched on Tuesday, the Huckabee camp is taking "in donations at the price of an average haircut from at least 400 individual contributors in 96 hours." Huckabee also just took part in YouTube's YouChoose campaign with this initial video.

- On the topic of YouTube: Chris Dodd uses the medium to explain why he's voting against the Iraq supplemental, Mike Gravel uses it to discuss War and Integrity, and Ted Sorenson uses it to explain why he endorses Barack Obama.

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