Quick 2008 update

Chris Cillizza reveals an interesting development in Fred Thompson's camp:

"Tom Collamore, a former vice president of public affairs at Altria, has been leading the behind-the scenes organization efforts for a Thompson presidential candidacy and will be intimately involved when (not if) the former senator decides to announce a bid."

Tommy Thompson broke with President Bush, advocating for an expansion in the State Children's Health Insurance Program. (For unrelated, yet very honest, campaign analysis from Thompson himself click here.)

NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg gave the graduates at Tufts University his 5 (6, actually) principles. Without context, they're pretty interesting:

  1. Take risks
  2. Don't go it alone
  3. Give it to them straight
  4. Respect others
  5. Give back
  6. Don't forget to call your mother

Rep. Duncan Hunter is launching an RV tour entitled "The Right Stuff Express."

Senator Chris Dodd is touting the support he's been receiving for his energy policy, particularly from the past two Democratic Presidential nominees: John Kerry and Al Gore. Check out video of Senator Dodd discussing his energy policy is below:

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