Quick recap on 2008

The New York Times has a very interesting article on the possible effect that the friendship between numbers 41 and 42 might have on 43.

Paul Kane from the Washington Post reports on the exchange between Senators McCain and Cornyn during last week's immigration discussions.

Mitt and Rudy give their views on the immigration compromise. If you think Rudy's is unbelievably ambiguous, maybe this will explain why.

Bernie Kerik addresses his past with Rudy Giuliani in this quick interview with MSNBC (the issue comes up after about 2:20 minutes).

Tom Goldstein offers a very interesting analysis of what the next President might face in terms of nominations to the Supreme Court. 

ThinkProgress brings to light some very interesting remarks by Newt Gingrich during his commencement speech at Liberty University.

The New York Times gives a detailed look at what Al Gore's up to these days and the mission he's so dedicated to.

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