Another DOJ Appointee Resigns

This time it is Paul McNulty, who claims he's quitting "because of the "financial realities" brought on by "college-age children and two decades of public service."" Of course he's also at the center of the scandal that has claimed just about every high-level DOJ official besides Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez. A refresher on why McNulty is in hot water from the WAPO:

McNulty began work as Gonzales's deputy in November 2005. McNulty became a central figure in the furor after he told the Senate Judiciary Committee in February that the White House played only a marginal role in the dismissals -- a characterization that conflicted with documents later released by Justice and with subsequent testimony.

He also said most of the prosecutors were fired for "performance-related" reasons. That statement angered many of the former U.S. attorneys, most of whom had sterling evaluations and had remained largely silent about their departures.