Interesting Fundraising #'s from the Presidential Candidates

The numbers that have been slowly leaking out became official this week, and the overall message: Democrats are in better shape than Republicans, with Democrats raising $78 million to Republicans' $53 million.  Some other notable numbers:

  • Senator John McCain is the big loser here.  He only raised $13 million (less than Romney, Guliani, Clinton, Obama and Edwards) and he spent so much that he trails lesser known candidates like Chris Dodd in the ever-important cash on hand.  No wonder Phil Graham is being brought on board to restore fiscal discipline within the campaign.
  • While small donors, largely giving online, are an increasingly important source of campaign donations, over 80% of the money raised came in amounts larger than $1,000.
  • Democrats have a much broader early donor base, with the top three Democratic candidates totaling almost twice as many donors as the top three Republicans.