Making the Case

Over the past few years, NDN has been ahead of the curve and a leader on so many of the important issues of the day. It is your support of this work that enables NDN to continue to provide cutting-edge analysis, policy proposals and much, much more.

In this informational campaign, Simon will be letting you know about the work your support has funded and making the case for why, in these tough economic times, you should invest in NDN.

6/17/09: Latin America Policy Initiative

NDN believes that there is insufficient first-hand knowledge and expertise in the U.S. about our Latin American neighbors and the most salient issues affecting them. Preparing America for this coming day by creating personal, cultural, economic, and political bridges throughout the hemisphere is the purpose of our newly launched Latin American Policy Initiative.

5/27/09: Upgrading our Online Infrastructure

Over the past several years, we have made a series of strategic and targeted investments to improve NDN’s internal infrastructure, including moving into in a new office just a block from the White House, upgrading our event space to enable live Webcasting, and now investing in an improved web presence.

5/20/09: Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

For the past four years NDN has been a national leader in the effort to fix our badly broken immigration system.

5/13/09: The Emergence of a New Millennial Era

NDN's groundbreaking work on the young Millennial Generation, an enormously powerful new force in American politics, has contributed immensely to the national debate.

4/21/09: Supporting NDN This Year

The opportunity to advance our agenda - to bring about the kind of change we all desire - is great. But at the same time we are in the midst of a very real economic downturn, depleting the budgets of our supporters and putting stress on non-profits like ours which rely on the generosity of our community.