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Simon Rosenberg

Simon Rosenberg is President and Founder of NDN, a leading progressive think tank and advocacy organization.  Simon has worked in national politics and the media world for more than 20 years. He started his career in network television, as a writer and producer at ABC News for five years, before working on the Dukakis and Clinton Presidential campaigns. On the Clinton campaign, he was a member of the famous 1992 Clinton War Room. After the campaign, Simon worked at the Democratic National Committee, the Democratic Leadership Council and then started what is now NDN in 1996.

During his time at the helm of NDN and its predecessor organization the New Democrat Network, Simon has helped elect more than 50 new members to the Senate and House of Representatives, has been an influential champion of a new and more modern agenda for the nation, has been an innovator in helping progressives reach out to and communicate with Hispanic voters, and has been a leader in creating a 21st century progressive movement.

Simon is a member of the Aspen Institute's 2001 Class of Henry Crown Fellows, served on the 2004 Democratic National Convention Platform Committee, and sits on the board of the Tisch College for Citizenship and Public Service at Tufts University. A 1985 graduate of Tufts University, Simon and his family live in Washington, DC.

Andres Ramirez

Andres Ramirez has an extensive political background, and has worked on several local, state and national campaigns for the past 12 years. Andres established himself as an experienced political organizer during US Senator Harry Reid's 1998 re-election campaign where he spearheaded a successful field program to mobilize Latino voters. Since then, he has worked in various capacities on numerous campaigns across the country. 

In addition to his political experience, Andres also has a substantial background in legislative affairs and public policy. Andres has served on numerous local and county boards setting public policy, and began his career in Washington, DC as a legislative aide to US Senator Harry Reid. Throughout his political and legislative career, Andres has been consulted for his expertise on Latino issues, from working with grassroots organizations promoting public policy to working on political empowerment of Latinos.

Currently, Andres serves as the Vice President of Hispanic Programs for NDN where he is tasked with overseeing all of NDN's programmatic activities concerning Hispanics, including advocacy of Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Latin America policies, Demographics and Research, and Hispanic Electoral participation.

Zuraya Tapia

Zuraya Tapia is currently Advocacy Director at NDN, responsible for articulating NDN's core programmatic work to Congress, primarily on issues pertaining to Latin American foreign policy, Hispanic demographics, and issues affecting the Latino community in the United States.   Her work in the area of immigration began at Shaw Pittman, where she served as pro-bono counsel on immigration cases and helped represent the Mexican Secretary of Economy as part of the International Trade Group.  Zuraya subsequently served as a staff member in the House of Representatives Committee on Small Business under Chairwoman Nydia Velazquez, studying the impact of various Homeland Security regulations on small businesses.  She is also actively involved with the Hispanic community in Virginia and was appointed to the Virginia Latino Advisory Board by Governor Timothy Kaine in 2007, and was elected as an advisor to the Institute of Mexicans Abroad.  Zuraya earned a degree in Law in Mexico, from the Universidad de las Americas, Puebla, and the degree of Master of Laws from Georgetown University Law Center in 2006.