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Making the Case for Passage of Immigration Reform This Year, Simon Rosenberg, 6/16/09

Making the Case: 7 Reasons Why Congress Should Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year, Huffington Post, Simon Rosenberg, 4/30/09

Latino Vote 2008

Hispanics Rising II, Updated May 2008

Another Good Argument for Conservatives on Immigration Reform: Local Law Enforcement Calls for It, Zuraya Tapia, 7/9/09

Teachers and Schools Need Immigration Reform, Too, Zuraya Tapia, 5/1/09 

Immigrants and the Economy, Zuraya Tapia, 4/27/09

Foreign Workers and the Debate Over Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Zuraya Tapia, 4/20/09

Hopeful Signs for Immigration Reform This Year, Simon Rosenberg, 4/15/09

Is Immigration Overhaul Vital to the U.S. Economy?, Zuraya Tapia, 4/14/09

U.S. Citizens Increasingly the Victims of the Broken Immigration System, Zuraya Tapia, 4/13/09

Illinois Voters Send a Message - Another Vote for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Zuraya Tapia, 4/8/09

Banning Foreign Workers Is Bad Policy and Bad Politics, at a Bad Time, Zuraya Tapia, 3/11/09

The Immigration Proxy Wars Continue, Simon Rosenberg, 2/13/09

Immigration Remains Top Priority for Hispanics, Evidence of Bipartisan Support, Zuraya Tapia, 1/26/09

On Obama, Race, and the End of the Southern Strategy, Simon Rosenberg, Huffington Post, 11/5/08

1%, 62% and the Failure of Tancredoism,Simon Rosenberg, 12/20/07

Can Democrats Seize the Opportunity The Immigration Debate Offers Them, Simon Rosenberg, 12/11/07

Immigration, Once Again, Despite Huge GOP Investments, Does Not Perform for the GOP, Simon Rosenberg, 11/7/07

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