Video: Hispanic Vote Discussion - New Polling, New Analysis (6/13/22)

On Monday, June 13th NDN hosted a discussion about the Hispanic vote with noted pollster, Fernand Amandi.  He reviewed new Future Majority polling of Hispanic voters in Arizona, Nevada and Pennsylvania.  You can watch the presentation and discussion here.  A memo summarizing the findings can be found here, and you can review more detailed data from the three states here.  Future Majority has also released a breakout of the data on abortion and the end of Roe, and it finds 60-70% among Hispanics in these three states for legal abortion and Democrats gaining votes if Roe were to end (which it has).

This article by the Nevada Independent provides a very thorough overview of the research.  The New York Times's Jazmine Ulloa cites the research in a new story about Nevada Senator Cortez Masto's re-election bid. 

At the end of Fernand's presentation of the polling, Simon reviewed some of the findings of his new analysis, The Remarkable Success of the Democratic Party’s Hispanic Strategy.  It is important context for anyone wanting to learn more about the Hispanic/Latino vote in the US. 

Future Majority provided this summary of the memo: “Our research found that the Democrats’ brand is performing well among Latino voters in these three states, but the Republican brand is not. Our data suggests Democrats have the opportunity to replicate their strong 2018 and 2020 performance with Latinos in these states this year, strong showings which contributed to what were very good years for Democrats in all three states. As the Latino electorate has a higher share of new, younger and infrequent voters than the overall electorate, and thus is more prone to midterm drop-off, Democrats will only be assured of these potential promising outcomes with significant investment and strong engagement through their campaigns.”

We think this new polling, new NDN analysis and discussion will be of interest to anyone wanting to learn more about this vital part of the American electorate. 

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