Video: Gretchen Barton On What's She's Heard Listening to the American People (4/12/22)

This was a great event, truly.  Hope you will watch.

On April 12th, 2022 we sat down with Gretchen Barton, a public opinion researcher who uses deep listening techniques – long interviews, multiday engagements, and use of visual imagery and multimedia - to understand the deep-rooted thoughts and feelings of Americans.  She has spent the last year listening daily to the American people about their lives, their struggles, their hopes, and their fears to find opportunities for better connecting with and engaging Americans.  She has taken all of this work and combined it with some more traditional polling from Future Majority and created a presentation about what’s she learned and what it means for center-left politics this year.  

We strongly encourage everyone to watch this presentation and our discussion afterwards.  Gretchen and Future Majority's work has heavily influenced our thinking about where are we right now, and what we need to do – and we are certain it will influence yours, too.  Future Majortiy released a companion memo to Gretchen's deck - read it here

More on Gretchen - Gretchen Barton is the Research Director for Future Majority, Principal at Worthy Strategy Group, LLC, and former policy lead at the Harvard-founded research firm, Olson Zaltman. With a special interest in the psychology underpinning behavior change, Gretchen has designed and delivered a number of initiatives in the policy space, including studies around poverty in America for the Gates Foundation and Gender Justice for Story-at-Scale. Her research over the years has spanned hazing behavior and how to stop it, trauma, cults, and tribalism. She has led research and served as a behavioral science strategist for major organizations and campaigns (e.g. NextGen, New Moral Majority, Ideas 42, Way to Win, and others), uncovering key messaging insights to turn out the youth vote, revealing voters’ deepest hopes and dreams for presidential campaigns, and uncovering deep insights in real-time to key organizers in the build-up to the 2020 election with the Yellow Brick Road study.  She recently completed metaphor elicitation studies of American swing-state voters across the nation and in Pennsylvania, Texas, Florida, Nevada, North Carolina, Rural Wisconsin/Iowa/Minnesota, and Virginia, along with a deep dive into how Americans know what’s true.

Gretchen holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Planning Campaigns with distinction in research from Cornell University. She has written for the Journal of College Student Development and the American Journal of Health Behavior, and co-authored, Prevalence and Profiling: Hazing Among College Students and Points of Intervention. She recently co-authored “The Science of Winning with Stories: Using Agency, Urgency, and Community,” a reflection on the most effective messaging to engage and move a populace.