The Budget and the Economy

The release of President Obama's budget on Monday marks an important moment in the debate about the economic and fiscal future of the United States. Americans of all points of view will be looking to this budget to understand the specifics of the President's approach to the great challenges of the day, from a competitive, global economy of the 21st century, to the need to accelerate innovation and growth, to long-term debt.

On Friday, February 18, NDN and the New Policy Institute hosted a group of economic and budget experts to discuss these matters.

Robert J. Shapiro, Chair, NDN Globalization Initiative

Stan Collender, Partner, Qorvis Communications and author, Capital Gains and Games

William Gale, Senior Fellow, Economic Studies, The Brookings Institution

Kevin Hassett, Senior Fellow and Director of Economic Policy Studies, The American Enterprise Institute





Event Date: 
Friday, February 18, 2011 - 7:00am