Chilean Ambassador Arturo Fermandois at NDN

On Wednesday, November 17, NDN & New Policy Institute hosted Ambassador Arturo Fermandois of Chile as part of our monthly Latin America Policy Forum series.  The Ambassador opened the speech by with the message that the spirit of leadership, courage, unity and transparency embodied by the Chilean miners and finally rescue, would serve as a foundation for the new Administration. From an overview of its public finance policies, to more specific rundown of the earthquake's economic damages, the speech highlighted Chile's strong economic comeback.  Ambassador Fermandois concluded with the declaration that Chile's mission is to both eliminate extreme poverty by 2014 and lay the ground to become a developed country by 2018. 

The NDN Latin America Policy Initiative is proud of to have had the privilege of hosting such a successful event and we hope to continue collaborating with the Chilean community and its Embassy here in Washington DC.

You may view the powerpoint presentation by clicking here.

A video of this event is below.



Event Date: 
Wednesday, November 17, 2010 - 7:30am