Simon Rosenberg Presents "The Dawn of a New Politics"

You are invited to join NDN President Simon Rosenberg next Thursday, January 14th for a special presentation, “The Dawn of a New Politics." This hour long presentation takes an in-depth look at big changes happening here at home and abroad which are making the politics of the 21st century very different from the century that just past. These changes include:

  • Accelerating change in technology and media. A new media and tech age is emerging globally, putting ever more powerful tools in the hands of every day people, and radically changing the way we communicate, advocate, organize, govern and just about everything else we do;
  • Extraordinary demographic changes taking place here at home. Huge waves of immigration. The rise of the Millennial generation, the largest in US history. America now on a path to be a "minority majority" nation by 2042. The demographic changes playing out in the US today are among the most consequential in all of American history, which among other things is forcing each political party to forge new and very different electoral coalitions and winning electoral maps;
  • Globalization and the "rise of the rest." Twenty years of globalization and economic liberalization has helped bring about what Fareed Zakaria has called "the rise of the rest." This process has brought about a degree of modernity, education, affluence and access to information to billions of people in developing nations inconceivable even a decade ago, a development with profound implications for America and the world.

This powerful presentation will take a look at all these issues and more, and if you have the time there will be time left for thirty minutes of spirited discussion at the end. For those wanting to make sense of all the political news of the last few weeks this presentation will offer some very relevant context.

This presentation of “The Dawn of a New Politics” is free and open to the public, so feel free to bring friends and colleagues along. And for those who cannot make it in person, the presentation will be webcast live, in high-definition, for any one in the world to see, starting at 12:15 pm ET. Feel free to forward this invitation on to any one you think might be interested--the more the merrier, in-person or on-line. For those who may have seen earlier versions of "Dawn," this new one is substantially retooled, and will be fresh to anyone who has not seen it in the last six months or so. For background reading/video on the arguments in this presentation, click on the various links below:

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Event Date: 
Thursday, January 14, 2010 - 7:15am


NDN Event Space
729 15th St. 1st Floor
Washington, DC 20005
United States