NDN Thoughts on the 2008 Primary

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Rasmussen's daily track sees Obama bounce 
Simon gives commentary on the new Rassmussen data showing a fifteen point shift towards Obama and Clinton's viability in the race.

Clinton running out of money 
Considering the financial aspects of Hillary's campaign, Simon questions whether Hillary can proceed campaigning without facing financial woes.

The backlash against the Clinton Florida and Michigan strategy
Simon weighs in on the Florida and Michigan problems and advises Hillary to stop petitioning for the votes.

On this primary night where do things stand? 
On the night of the North Carolina primary, Simon gives his updates and commentary on everything from Lou Dobbs to Lanny Davis.

Is Obama recovering? 
Obama’s new “minute” ads seem a positive change, pushing the two candidates’ numbers closer together as another big Tuesday primary approaches.

Agreeing with Frank Rich today on the weakness of McCain 
Examining the character of McCain, Simon blasts the senator on his immigration policies.

So, after Pennsylvania, where are we?
With Senator Clinton's win in PA, have the tides turned? According to Simon, it's too early to tell, although the weeks ahead hold a challenge for Obama.

The Pennsylvania Primary and the future of the Clinton campaign 
Before the Pennsylvania primary, Simon discusses the Clinton campaign and its options for the future.

Monday morning observations
Taking shots, both the DNC and Obama begin to use rhetoric against their competitors.

A big test for Obama
Simon responds to Hillary Clinton's Pennsylvania ads and urges Obama to correct weaknesses in his campaign by addressing the ads.

Debunking the Clinton claim to having won more "important states"
Clinton's claims to have won more important states is false according to Simon.

Obama surging in the national tracks
Simon examines polling data and assesses the Clinton campaign's ad strategy.

Richardson to endorse Obama
Richardson endorses Obama, hoping to give the senator an edge with the Hispanic vote, while Senator Clinton drops from the headlines.

Old Man McCain
With Senator McCain's confusion about Shiite and Sunni Muslims, Simon suggests senile McCain isn't capable of handling Iraq.

Race and 21st century America
Simon gives commentary on Obama's race speech and examines NDN's role in trying to eradicate racism in politics.

Hitting 50 percent, Obama strengthens his case
With Obama hitting 50%, Simon states that Senator Clinton's arguments regarding important states is invalid.

Obama now leads in the daily tracks
Obama leads in the polls 48% to Clinton's 41%, but with a lead over 50% he could pick up votes before the Pennsylvania primary.

Clinton, Obama enter the campaign's next phase even in national polls
With the first phase of the Democratic race coming to a close, Simon predicts more attention will be paid to the candidates themselves as the primaries carry into June.

Towards Florida and Michigan primaries in June
Responding to a statement released by Governor Dean, Simon explains the option for a June primary in Florida and Michigan.

$55 million and the emergence of "a virtuous cycle of participation"
Simon explains the virtuous cycle of participation and examines how Obama has used the cycle to raise funds.

More on the Canadian intervention in the American election
Giving commentary on the Canadian leaks, Simon suggests that the GOP and Canadian conservatives are trying to negatively expose Obama.

Clinton Rising, Part 2
With Senator Clinton's two big wins, momentum appears to be swinging in her favor.

Clinton rising
With the Gallup poll tied for Obama and Clinton, Simon recognizes a structural shift.

A new kind of ad by Barack
Obama embraces new tools in political advertising.

The battle for Ohio and Texas
As the campaigns go ahead in Texas, Simon warns about the importance of the Hispanic vote in determining the winner.

More incredible numbers out of Texas
Simon comments on Obama's fundraising and the Texas primaries.

Obama's lead grows
Analyzing national polls, Simon sees the numbers in Obama's favor.

George Will takes a big shot at McCain
Simon examines the Republican disdain for McCain in a George Will piece.

Debate reaction
Giving his reactions to the debate, Simon believes that Obama's performances are improving while Hillary is off-kilter.

New NYTimes poll has Obama leading 54-38
Commenting on a NY Times poll, Simon reminds readers of Ohio's and Texas's importance in the nomination race.

Paxson contradicts McCain
Simon offers commentary on Lowell Paxton's contradiction of McCain's statements.

Rasmussen looks at the electoral college
Simon comments on the nine states Rasmussen believes to be the swing states.

New Gallup poll shows dramatic Dem gains, GOP collapse
A new Gallup poll shows the increased favorability of Democrats, reiterating NDN's point that the conservative ascendancy is coming to an end.

Debate liveblogging......Cuba first
Commenting on the debate, Simon specifically noted Cuban policy, the economy, and immigration and the Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act.

New Post polls has Texas tied, Ohio closing
The race is close as Ohio and Texas tally the votes.

McCain and the Iseman affair
Posting a series of links, Simon shows the weakness of McCain and the Republican party.

Obama wins, Clinton struggles
Obama wins the debate leaving Hillary looking tired. Simon comments on Obama's breakthrough of Hillary's voters: women, Hispanics, and traditional Democrats.

The Obama surge continues - he leads Gallup by 7
A new Gallup poll places Obama in the lead by 7 points; Simon impresses the importance of Ohio and Texas in the race for the nomination.

America and race, 2008
Simon shares two articles about the changing American demographics and their effect on the American political system.

Saturday roundup - McCain, immigration, the Senate and Super delegates
In this Saturday round up, Simon answers the questions about the Democratic nominee, the Hispanic vote,  McCain's immigration policies, and the status of the running senators.

The evolution of the Obama campaign
Simon comments on Obama's success with Hispanics in Virginia and his speech on the economy.

A new meme tonight - time is running out for Senator Clinton
Simon believes a Hillary win is becoming harder and harder as the Potomac Primary comes to an end.

The kiss of death
Simon explains the political stigma of being seen as close to President Bush.

The new narrative - Obama surging, McCain struggling
Hillary replaces her campaign manager and Obama's lead surges while the Republican party remains weak.

McCain's weakness on full display tonight
Commenting on the GOP race, Simon declares McCain's job an unprecedented challenge.

Why is CNN showing FL, MI as Clinton states?
CNN shows Florida and Michigan as states won by Hillary, when in actuality neither state had a legitimate election.

Has the Democratic race fundamentally changed?
The race continues as Obama picks up Nebraska and Washington. Simon posits that the voters need to be involved in the final decision, not the backroom channels.

Senator McCain, be careful what you wish for
Simon warns of the weak Republican Party and foreign policies that McCain stands to inherit from his party.

"We are the ones we've been waiting for"
Simon comments on Obama's speech and provides a video link.

Both sides go on to March 4th
With Super Tuesday over, the race continues with no clear winner. Simon believes that the difference will be made with Obama's virtual network.

The Dem race is going to be very close tonight
Simon sees the race as tight, while he dispels myths that Obama can not get the white vote.

The role of Hispanics tonight
Revisiting the importance of the Hispanic vote, Simon discusses the polling results.

Can McCain bring his party together?
Simon questions John McCain's ability to unite the GOP and foresees problems for the Republican party.

Poll closing times tonight
Simon gives readers the schedule of poll closing times for Super Tuesday.

Super Tuesday is here
Simon encourages readers to check out Dan Balz's overview of Super Tuesday and reminds them about the exit polls.

Clinton raises $13m in January
Simon discusses fundraising for both Clinton and Obama, citing their different methods of collection.

Monday am wrap up
Simon examines polling data before Super Tuesday.

The Incredible Campaign - Sunday am wrap up
In this Sunday morning wrap up, Simon speculates about Super Tuesday and the Potomac Primaries.

Gallup delivers some good news for Clinton
According to a new Gallup poll following Senator Edwards's departure from the race Hillary picked up 4 points, placing her in the lead.

Obama closing the gap, reinventing politics along the way
Simon gives an explanation for Hillary's declining and Obama's rising numbers in the polls: the Kennedy endorsement, the Hispanic vote and the economy, and the power of a virtual community.

A good debate
Following the debate, Simon gives his commentary on both Hillary and Obama.

Obama, Clinton tied going into Feb. 5th?
Simon discusses the possibility Obama and Clinton may go into Super Tuesday tied, and how the Hispanic vote could be the breaker.

Hispanics deliver Florida for McCain
Mitt Romney's negative immigration campaigning pays off with a win for McCain in Florida.

The battle for Hispanics is joined
Giving four observations into Hispanic community, Simon explains how the candidates will be vying for the Hispanic vote.

Hillary and Florida
Simon responds to Hillary Clinton's campaigning in Florida against the Democratic Party's wishes.

So, what's next?
Blogging from London, Simon comments on the narrowing of the candidate field and offers key things to watch for before Super Tuesday.

The campaigns go national, onward to Nevada and South Carolina
Simon applauds the DNC's decision to expand the primary calendar into the South and Southwest; this move helps Americans embrace the diversity that exists in these states.

Reflections on a remarkable campaign
Simon outlines the 3 stages of this year's national primary and raises some interesting points on the Clinton and Obama strategies.

Tacos replace Huckaburgers
As the campaigns go national, more minority groups are being reached. Clinton reaches out to Hispanics in CA by visiting a local taco stand.

McCain, Lieberman and control of the Senate
Simon explores McCain-Lieberman scenarios in the Senate.

The GOP field and immigration
Turning to the GOP, Simon provides his opinions of their stances on immigration policy.

The morning after the two big comebacks
Simon offers his remarks on the NH primary and early morning thoughts.

Quite a night
In the wee hours, Simon gives an update of the NH primary and predicts increased web-based fundraising.

Don't do it Hillary. Don't skip NV and SC
Urging Hillary not to skip NV and SC, Simon addresses rumors that Hillary might switch her focus to Super Tuesday.

Election Day thoughts from New Hampshire
Simon reflects on the disparity of Democratic and Republican voter turnout and fundraising; he also makes the prediction of an Obama-McCain win

My take so far
Simon sends an update from New Hampshire predicting the winners and losers.

Can Bush make room for the Republican nominee?
By providing an excerpt from Meet the Press, Simon shows the drama with GOP candidates as they try to distance themselves from Bush.

The Bloomberg fantasy
Simon delineates the 3rd party Bloomberg scenario, but warns against it.

New CNN NH poll has Obama, McCain leading
Simon offers his views of NH polling data before he flies to New England to cover the primary.

Our broken election system
Obama and Edwards want to focus their politics on the average American; Simon argues that quicker voter registration and more options for voting methods will allow the everyday person to vote more easily.

2 new polls show Obama with big NH lead
Simon examines polling data before the New Hampshire primary.

Obama and the End of the Southern Strategy
The demographics of the U.S. are changing, and American politics will change to reflect this; Through his article in Mother Jones, Simon argues that Democrats need to adopt a new strategy that embraces a new majority coalition comprised of minority populations and the Millennial generation.

Thoughts on how the compressed primary calendar may affect governing this year
Through a videoblog, Simon discusses how the compressed primary calendar will put Congress and Washington on the front lines of the Presidential battle.

Background on Millennial and young voters
Simon interprets the power of the youth vote and provides links to background information.

The power of the youth vote last night
Reflecting on the importance of youth in the political process, Simon encourages readers to peruse The 50 Year Strategy.

Quite a night
Simon comments on the speeches of both Democrats and Huckabee.

CNN calls it for Barack
Simon reflects on the increase of caucus participation.

CNN calls it for Huck
Simon sends an update on the Iowa caucus.

Dem turnout seems high
Caucuses are seeing an increase of participation.

The closing ads
With today's wide array of media outlets, political ads on television remain important. Here Simon examines the nature of the commercials from Iowa.

My thoughts on Iowa
Simon provides a commentary on the Iowa primary via videoblog.

Yepsen's take on the new Des Moines Register Poll
To begin the new year, Simon discusses results of the Iowa primary and the increase in first time caucus voters as well as the rise of Independents' participation. 

Good reads for the final day of the year
Before the new year, Simon recommends reading four articles: one of the effects of the Bush era, another on the details surrounding the death of Pakistan's former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, one on Newark, New Jersey's Mayor Cory Booker, and one of the state of the modern conservative coalition. The last piece explores themes NDN is familiar with: a new politics and a new political era.

NY Times editorial: "Immigration and the Candidates"
Before the Iowa primaries, Simon shares a New York Times piece focusing on the immigration debate.

Can Democrats seize the opportunity the immigration debate offers them?
Looking at the results of a NYTimes and a LATimes poll, Simon analyzes the opportunity given the Democratic party by the immigration debate.

The Nevada Debate and Caucus: background on the Southwest, Immigration and Hispanics
Before the Democratic Presidential debate in Las Vegas, Simon analyzes the failures of the Republican immigration strategy and the importance of the Hispanic vote in the Southwest

Univision proposes first-ever Spanish-language debates
Simon applauds the suggestion of broadcasting the first Spanish language primary debate.

The re-invention of progressive politics
Reflecting on the current status of progressive politics, Simon notes the new players that are re-inventing the political game.

The End of The Conservative Ascendancy
Simon asserts that 2006 will be the year the conservative ascendancy ended and points to the recent change in media as proof of the Bush administration's failures.

A Day of Reckoning for the Conservative Movement
Simon divides the 20th century into three historical periods of American politics and then examines the future of American politics in the 21st century, predicting the end of the conservative ascendancy.