Assistant Secretary Valenzuela to Speak on U.S.-Latin American Relations

NDN/NPI is pleased to announce that Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, Arturo Valenzuela, will be coming to NDN on Monday, June 28th to deliver remarks about the current state of US-Latin American relations.

The event will begin promptly at 2pm, and end at 3pm.  After his remarks the Assistant Secretary will take questions from the audience at NDN and on-line.

To attend the event or to watch the event online, please RSVP.  We look forward to seeing you on the 28th.


On Monday, Watch Sarukhan, Bersin Discuss Vision for "21st Century" U.S - Mexican Border

On Monday, May 24th, at noon ET, I hope you will tune into NDN/NPI for a special event looking at a vital new initiative - a newly announced joint US-Mexican vision for a "21st Century Border." 

Joining us for this discussion will be the Mexican Ambassador to the United States, Arturo Sarukhan, and the Department of Homeland Security's Commissioner of Customs and Border Projection, Alan Bersin.  

This week, during the very successful State Visit of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the United States and Mexican signed a new Declaration concerning Twenty-First Century Border Management.  This declaration lays out a comprehensive new approach to the joint management of the US-Mexican border, and expresses a strong commitment to:

  • Enhancing economic competitiveness by expediting lawful trade, while preventing the transit of illegal merchandise between their two countries,
  • Facilitating lawful travel in a manner that also prevents the illegal movement of people between their two countries,
  • Sharing information that enhances secure flows of goods and people, and
  • Disrupting and dismantling transnational criminal organizations and punishing their members and supporters.

This declaration was one of the most important achievements of the visit by President Calderon this week.  We are pleased to be hosting this event which will take a much deeper look at what this all means for our two countries in the years ahead.

The speaking program will begin at 12:15pm ET on Monday, May 24th.  You can watch on the NDN website by going to

Obama praises Salvadoran President Mauricio Funes


Obama and FunesThis Monday, President Obama met with President Mauricio Funes of El Salvador to discuss trade, security, the environment - the three central elements of the administration's agenda for Latin America.  President Obama commended President Funes for taking bold steps to "break down political divisions within the country and move it forward with a spirit of progress" and for his "pragmatic and wise approach to the situation in Honduras".

In his remarks following the meeting, President Obama commented that the positive relations between the countries is partially due to the 2 million Salvadorians working in the United States and sending remittances back to their country, stating that the ties "provide an outstanding foundation for continuing cooperation" between the two countries." President Funes replied, stating the need to generate more jobs in El Salvador because when "people have better jobs, health, and education, they will be able to remain in [their] countries and have a better life." 

Obama also suggested interest in a multilateral project between the United States, Brazil, and El Salvador to pursue measures that would expand biofuels and energy development, which would benefit all three countries.  He also touched on regional security issues, primarily surrounding drug trafficking and gangs, emphasizing the commitment to be supportive not only in addressing the symptoms, but also the root causes of the issues.  The President closed by stressing that the relationship between the United States and El Salvador is one based on mutual interest and mutual respect, a sentiment echoed by President Funes in his remarks.

President Funes commended President Obama's new vision of how to deal with the hemisphere, and particularly Central America.  President Funes closed by saying that he hopes to have a strong alliance and strategic, equal partner in the United States.



Panamanian Ambassador Aleman and Congressman Engel Discuss Bilateral Relations this Thursday

On March 4th at 11:45am, please join NDN's Latin American Policy Initiative Chair, Nelson Cunningham, Panamanian Ambassador Jaime E. Aleman, and Congressman Eliot Engel for a conversation on the challenges and opportunities in the relationship between the United States and Panama, and a unique perspective on bilateral relations.

The purpose of this series is to establich an ongoing dialogue to better inform those interested in Latin American policy.

As many of you know, this event was originally scheduled for February 11th but was rescheduled due to the inclement weather in Washington, DC.

Space is limited for this event, so please RSVP as soon as you can to reserve a spot.  We will serve lunch at 12:00pm, and the discussion will begin at 12:15pm.  The event will take place at 2255 Rayburn in the Capitol Complex.

For more information of if you have questions, please contact Sarah Sanchez at

A Conversation with the Panamanian Ambassador
Thursday, March 4, 11:45am
2255 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Click Here to RSVP


A Conversation with the Colombian Ambassador

On Tuesday, January 19th, please join Colombian Ambassador Carolina Barco for a luncheon and discussion on priorities in the relationship between Colombia and the United States. This forum is part of NDN's Latin American Policy Initiative, a program dedicated to building understanding of Latin America and the salient issues affecting each country individually.

As space is limited for this event, please RSVP.

We will serve lunch at 12:00pm, and the discussion will run from 12:15 pm - 1:30 pm. The event will take place at NDN, 729 15th Street, NW, between H St. and New York Avenue.

If you are unable to join us, you can watch a live webcast starting at 12:15pm ET.

If you have questions, or for more information about the event, please contact Sarah at


729 15th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20005
United States

A Conversation with Colombian Ambassador Carolina Barco

Please join us for a conversation with Colombian Ambassador Barco on January 19th, 2010.  Stay tuned for more information on this event!


729 15th Street NW 1st Floor
Washington, DC 20005
United States

Latin America Policy Initiative

Building on its years of work advocating for a modern approach to America's growing Latino community, NDN developed a robust inter-American policy program to focus on issues affecting countries in Latin America. The Latin America Policy Initiative (LAPI) has three parts: the Latin America Policy Seminar, the Latin America Policy Studies Program and the Latin America Policy Forum.

LAPI is a product of the work conducted at NDN and the New Policy Institute, and it educates and empowers leaders in policy, politics, and social and economic development to take on the challenges of Inter-American policy by providing a forum to discuss modern issues affecting Latin American countries. The program also aims to give its participants an enriching cross cultural experience, immersing them in a selected Latin American country, which will help guide their future leadership decisions.

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The Latin America Policy Initiative is inter-American policy program dedicated to focusing on issues affecting countries in Latin America and improving inter-American dialogue.

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