Crashing the Gate

My Introduction of President Clinton at Netroots Nation

The folks over at Netroots Nation just released the video of my introduction of President Clinton from this year's conference.  If interested it is about 12 minutes, and in it I offer up some observations about the history, and future, of progressive politics. 

And be sure to see the former President's speech that night.  It was awfully good.

I first discussed some of the themes in these remarks in my foreword to Markos's first book, Crashing the Gate.  And I was lucky enough that night to get a little time with my old boss.  He was, as always, engaged, curious, inspiring.  In our brief time together I gave him a copy of Crashing the Gate, another book in what must be a huge library back home.

And if you haven't watched NDN Fellow Mike Hais's remarkable presentation about the politics of the Millennial Generation from Netroots Nation, be sure to watch it here.

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