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On May 21st in NYC, Join Us for An Event Looking at Electricity 2.0 - Unlocking the Power of the Open Energy Network

On May 21st, NDN and New Policy Institute Green Project Director, Michael Moynihan, will host a presentation with NDN's new Senior Advisor, Alicia Menendez, in New York.  This presentation will examine the electricity industry and why the uptake of renewables has been so slow. Moynihan argues that the answer lies in the outdated and complex structure of Electricity 1.0, a closed, highly regulated network created a century ago, is fundamentally incompatible with clean technology and renewable power. America must upgrade to Electricity 2.0, an open, distributed network capable of fostering innovation and a clean technology revolution.

Clean energy has captured the imagination of people from Silicon Valley, who invested $5.4 billion in the sector last year, to President Obama, who highlighted it in his State of the Union Address. However, it has yet to fulfill its economic promise and displace legacy fuels in America’s electricity sector, especially when compared with the significant progress made in other countries. Today, non-hydro renewables account for just 3.5% of electricity in the US. 

Joining Michael on the 21st will be our new Senior Advisor, Alicia Menendez.  If you haven't had a chance to meet Alicia this will be a good time.  And check out this recent appearance by her on Fox News. 

We hope that you will be able to join NDN in New York.  Please RSVP if you can attend. 

Electricity 2.0 paper available here.

Electricity 2.0: Unlocking the Power of the Open Energy Network
Friday, May 21st
8:00 AM, breakfast will be served
The Harvard Club of New York, The Mahogany Room
35 West 44th Street
New York, NY

13 Days - NDNer on National TV 13 Days in A Row

Alicia's appearances yesterday on Fox and Friends and MSNBC marked the 13th day in a row an NDNer had appeared on a national television news show.  During that time we have discussed just about every major topic out there - from health care to the economy to the census and immigration.  Many of this appearances have been by our rising star, Alicia Menendez, but we have also seen Andres Ramirez, Rob Shapiro and I on a variety of different programs.  Andres even found time to appear in Spanish on La Casa Blanca this past Sunday.

I am proud that at this time of great national debate about our future the NDN team has stepped up to this degree.  If you see us on the tube let us know how we are doing, and what we might be able to do better.  And congrats again to the entire NDN team for this remarkable accomplishment. 

Alicia Menendez Joins the NDN Team

I am excited to announce a wonderful new addition to the NDN/NPI family - Alicia Menendez.   Alicia is a good friend, a thoughtful television commentator, and has spent years working on issues and strategies complementary to our work at NDN.  She will be coming on board to help advise me and the NDN team on a wide range of strategic issues, represent us in the media and in public and private gatherings, and continue her advocacy for and study of the Millennial generation and Hispanics.   She will be joining us full time later this month. 

I've known Alicia for many years now and am very excited to have her join our team.  Look for her on the blog, on TV, facebook, twitter and all the ways we all connect these days - soon.

More About Alicia and the Position

Alicia Menendez is a Senior Advisor to NDN and its sister organization, the New Policy Institute.  As Senior Advisor, Ms. Menendez will help guide the direction of the two organizations, represent the organization in the national media and at public and private gatherings, and work on NDN/NPI's projects on the rapidly changing  American electorate. 

Ms. Menendez comes to NDN/NPI as a well-established television commentator and experienced organizer in important emerging communities.  You can find her talking about national politics just about every week on the cable news networks, Fox and MSNBC. She is a veteran of both Rock the Vote and Democracia USA, successful organizations dedicated to increasing the participation of Millennials and Hispanics in the electoral process.  

She also spent time as a television segment producer and on-air contributor for RNN TV in New York, and was a primary surrogate on her father's successful 2006 bid for the US Senate in New Jersey.

Alicia graduated from Harvard in 2005, and had the honor to deliver the undergraduate commencement speech at her graduation ceremony that year.

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