Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

Since 2007, NDN has a demonstrated commitment to achieving a sensible immigration system that reflects the needs of the 21st century. NDN began to fight for reform by investing in a Spanish-language radio and television media campaign designed to counter anti-immigrant campaigns.  In addition to reaching out to media outlets, NDN has regularly hosted forums with members of Congress to discuss proposals to fix our current broken immigration system. Through research and polling, conducted most recently among voters in Colorado, Florida, Nevada, and New Mexico, NDN has found that a majority of Americans support a legislative overhaul to fix the broken immigration system, as opposed to passing limited enforcement measures.  

Below, please find some past highlights of our work on immigration reform:



NDN's Immigration Blog

2010 Highlights

Senator Robert Menendez's Comprehensive Immigration Reform Act of 2010 Summary

NDN Statement on New Immigration Framework

Immigration Reform Enters a New Phase by Simon Rosenberg

Commentary on Arizona Bill by Alicia Menendez

2009 Highlights

Presentation: Making the Case for Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year

7 Reasons Why Congress Should Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year by Simon Rosenberg

Video: Simon Rosenberg makes his case on why congress should pass CIR

Event: Politics & Policy: What to Expect from the Immigration Debate

Video: NDN Forum on Immigration Reform

The Census and Immigration Reform by Simon Rosenberg

Senator Kennedy and CIR by Andres Ramirez

2007 - 2008 Highlights

Event: "Immigration Reform and the Next Administration" - at the DNC in Denver

Polling: Immigration Polling in battleground states

A Responsible Immigration Policy by Simon Rosenberg

Can Democrats Seize the Opportunity the Immigration Debate Offers Them? by Simon Rosenberg

Event: NDN Bicameral Event for CIR


NDN Backgrounder: Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Yesterday, Janet Napolitano, Secretary of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS), led a White House meeting with key groups and stakeholders to discuss immigration policy. 

For anyone interested in learning more about this important issue we've assembled the following set of background material:

Key Arguments:

Beck Loses Advertisers, Dobbs Should be Worried, Simon Rosenberg, 8/14/09 - Rosenberg presents at Netroots and discusses the implication of advertisers withdrawing from purchasing air time on the Glenn Beck show on Fox. 

The Coming Battle Over the Census, Simon Rosenberg, 8/10/09 - For many months now NDN has been making the case that inevitably the right would make a spirited case to prevent the 2010 Census from counting undocumented immigrants, or at least using their numbers to influence reapportionment or the allocation of resources by the government.  We argue that it is important for the Obama Administration to pass Compehensive Immigration Reform by March of 2010 (the count begins in April, 2010) in order to avoid what could become a very nasty debate about who should be counted.

Sotomayor, Hispanics, and the Martinez Resignation, Simon Rosenberg, 8/7/09 - Rosenberg offers initial thoughts on the way the Senate Republicans handled the Sotomayor vote and how that contributes to the alientation Hispanics feel towards the GOP.  Highlights the significance of the only minority Republican Senator fleeing the national Republican Party.

Making the Case for Passage of Immigration Reform This Year, Simon Rosenberg, 6/16/09 - Rosenberg lays out the basic foundation for why Congress must pass comprehensive immigration reform. This summary is a good introduction for those wanting to learn the fundamentals of this issue.

Making the Case: 7 Reasons Why Congress Should Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year,Huffington Post, Simon Rosenberg, 4/30/09 - Rosenberg argues that the answer to whether Congress can pass reform this year is "yes."

A Responsible Immigration Policy - A Series of Essays from NDN

Hispanics Rising II, Updated May 2008 - NDN's commentary pertaining to the impact of the growing Hispanic electorate on national elections, key data and projections that support the argument that whoever wins the Hispanic vote can maintain a hold on national elections.  

On Obama, Race, and the End of the Southern Strategy, Simon Rosenberg, 1/4/08 - Rosenberg discusses the impact of the figure of Barack Obama, as America undergoes one of the most significant demographic transformations in History.  As such,liberating American politics from the pernicious era of the Southern Strategy, based on the exploitation of race, should be one the highest strategic priorities for left-of-center politics.

Can Democrats Seize the Opportunity The Immigration Debate Offers Them?, Simon Rosenberg, 12/11/07 - Rosenberg explains how embracing comprehensive immigration reform will allow Democrats to draw a bright line distinction with the GOP on an issue where the Democratic position has majority support of the American people and of a deep and broad national coalition.  Takin on CIR shows Congress can work to solve vexing national problems; drives a deep wedge in the GOP coalition; and makes a major overture to Hispanics, who are the key to a permanent 21st century progressive governing coalition.


NDN Poll in Battleground States on Immigration, 9/2/08

Polling of Swing Districts, America's Voice/Benenson Strategy Group, 2/19/09

Recent Polling on Immigration,  America's Voice/Benenson Strategy Group, 6/2/09 - Since a previous America's Voice poll in November, Pete Brodnitz of the Benenson Stratagey Group finds that support for comprehensive reform has been stable (and high), but increasing numbers of voters see the economic benefit of passing comprehensive immigration reform. The poll is consistent with NDN polling by Bendixen & Associates in its affirmation of overwhelming public support for immigration reform.


Politics and Policy: What to Expect from the Immigration Debate, Simon Rosenberg, Ali Noorani, and Tamar Jacoby, 8/4/09

NDN Forum Immigration Reform: Politics, Public Opinion and Legislative Prospects,   Simon Rosenberg and Andres Ramirez, 6/16/09. Please click here for video of Simon Rosenberg's presentation; please click herefor video of Andres’ presentation.

NDN, America's Voice, NCLR Team Up to Reiterate the Need for Comprehensive Immigration Reform This Year, 2/19/09

“Immigration Reform and the Next Administration,” NDN Event at the Democratic National Committee Convention in Denver, CO, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, Marco Lopez, Frank Sharry, Janet Murguia, 8/25/08 

NDN Bicameral Event for Comprehensive Immigration Reform, Rep. Gutierrez, Rep.Lofgren, Sen. Reid, Sen. Kennedy, Sen. Menendez, 3/3/07 

To stay up-to-date, follow us on the NDN Immigration Weekly.







Watch, Attend: Tues, June 16 - Immigration Reform: Politics, Public Opinion and Legislative Prospects

On Tuesday, June 16, please join NDN to discuss the politics of, public opinion on and legislative prospects for immigration reform.

This forum is being held a day before President Barack Obama and Administration officials are slated to meet with congressional leaders about this critical issue. 

Joining NDN President Simon Rosenberg to discuss this important issue will be Andres Ramirez, NDN Vice President for Hispanic Programs.

Lunch will be served at 12 p.m. ET at the NDN offices, 729 15th St., NW, 1st FL. The program will begin at 12:15 p.m. ET. If you can't join us at NDN, you can watch the event and ask us your questions by clicking here for the live Webcast, which will begin at 12:15 p.m. ET.

To RSVP for the event this coming Tuesday, please click here.

To read more about immigration reform, please check out:

Making the Case: 7 Reasons Congress Should Pass Comprehensive Immigration Reform this Year, Huffington Post, 4/30/09

Making the Case for Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform This Year, (PDF) by Simon Rosenberg, 2/19/09

Recent Polling on Immigration Reform, Benenson Strategy Group, 6/2/09

National Survey of Hispanic Voters on Immigration Policy, Bendixen & Associates, 5/18/09

NDN Backgrounder on Immigration Reform, 6/11/09

See you on Tuesday.


New Poll Finds Wide, Bipartisan Public Support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Today, I participated in a national conference call announcing the release of new polls by our friends at America's Voice and pollsters Pete Brodnitz and Celinda Lake. The polls confirm what we have known for some time - that Americans want their broken immigration system fixed, that they overwhelmingly support the principles of what we call comprehensive immigration reform, and that they believe Congress can tackle immigration reform while addressing more pressing national problems.

The new polls make clear that the political conditions are sufficiently favorable for the President and Congress to mount a major effort to reform our broken immigration system this year.

Results of Spring 2009 Focus Groups on Immigration, Lake Research Partners, 6/1/09

Recent Polling on Immigration Reform, Benenson Strategy Group, 6/2/09

Polling Snapshot from the Past Year, America's Voice, 6/2/09

All of the polling can be found on the America's Voice Web site.

It is our sincere hope that these new findings - consistent with years of public opinion research - will help inform the bipartisan congressional meeting at the White House to take place next Monday, June 8.

To learn more about why we at NDN believe that passing comprehensive immigration reform must be one of our highest priorities this year, see our recent backgrounder on the issue, which includes my presentation, Making the Case for Passing Immigration Reform This Year.

For more on this critical issue, I invite anyone reading this to join me for a Web-only "Immigration Reform Seminar" I will be conducting this Thursday, June 4, at 12:15 p.m. ET. In the seminar, I will be reviewing the basic case for why we need to pass comprehensive immigration reform this year, and will be available for questions and back and forth with our audience. You can participate in the seminar by visiting

The poll finds that when voters hear that comprehensive reform entails securing the border, cracking down on employers who hire undocumented immigrants, and requiring those undocumented immigrants already here to register for legal status, pay back taxes, and learn English to be eligible for U.S. citizenship, 86% support comprehensive reform, with 58% strongly supporting it. With only 7% strongly opposing the plan (14% total oppose), there is little strong opposition. More than 8 in 10 members of all political parties support this form of immigration reform, as do nearly 9 in 10 voters undecided as to whom to support in the 2010 Congressional race.

Some additional findings:

  • Since a previous America's Voice poll in November, support for comprehensive reform has been stable (and high), but increasing numbers of voters see the economic benefit of passing comprehensive immigration reform.
  • With tighter government budgets and local trusted businesses going under, the poor economy is exacerbating problems, and voters are increasingly saying immigration reform should be enacted immediately.
  • Although voters see the benefit of both putting off immigration reform to focus on dealing with the economy and the benefit of addressing both simultaneously, more say that both should be done at the same time and that they are related.
  • By 59% to 39%, voters favor the idea that Congress can handle multiple issues at the same time and should tackle immigration reform this year over the notion that Congress has too much on its plate this year with the economy and health care reform and should wait and tackle immigration reform later.

Of all the important work NDN has undertaken in recent years, I am perhaps most proud of our sustained and spirited advocacy for fixing our broken immigration system. This poll confirms that the conditions for finally getting this done are sufficiently favorable for passage this year, and we are at NDN are anxious and ready to work with friends and allies to do all that we can to get this done by year's end.

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