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NDN update: Facebook page/YouTube channel

I just wanted to make everyone aware of a few changes regarding NDN's 2.0ness:

  1. We added a "Find us on Facebook" button on our homepage. When you click it, you will be taken directly to the NDN Facebook page. So click it and become an NDN fan!
  2. We're going to be revamping our YouTube channel in the coming days and weeks. We'll be making it so that a lot more of our content will be made more accessible to you all.

Keep checking back in with us. I'll be updating everyone as we make progress.

Simon: On Day One

Check out what Simon wants the next President to do on day one:

Rocking the Vote

NDN Blog readers will notice that we've added Rock The Vote's voter registration widget to the right side bar. Anyone can embed it on their site or blog. All you need is the code, which you get by filling out the form on Rock The Vote's website.

Sen. Menendez and Amb. Sarukhan on U.S.-Mexican relations

Yesterday, NDN announced a new series of events focusing on the future of US - Latin American Relations with the first event on the current relations and priorities between the United States and Mexico. We were joined by US Senator Bob Menendez and Mexican Ambassador Arturo Sarukhan. Check out the full video from the event below or on our website:

Our Latin American Policy Initiative will give policy makers and stakeholders an opportunity to discuss relations between the US and the various countries in Latin America. The series will focus on a different country each month, and work to establish an ongoing dialogue and research to better inform those interested in Latin American policy.

For background, check out NDN's Globalization Initiative, our work on comprehensive immigration reform, as well as a speech Governor Bill Richardson delivered to the UCLA and NDN communities in Los Angeles on Latin American relations.

Helping us understand globalization: Robert J. Shapiro

We at NDN have been promoting a new book called Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work. The author of that insightful book, Robert J. Shapiro, who is Chair of NDN's Globalization Initiative, recently spoke on some of the themes discussed in Futurecast at our March 12th Forum. Check it out below, and be sure to order his book while you watch. Head's up: the video is about 43 minutes long.

Machinery of Hope reshaping electorate?

The Politico's Ben Smith makes the case that the Obama campaign is using the voter mobilization efforts they are executing during the primary to reshape the electorate for the general. The machinery of hope, the moniker given to the campaign by a fascinating Rolling Stone piece, isn't all hype. According to many in the piece, the campaign has already proven its capability to turn out new constituencies as well as groups who historically under perform. Simon closes out the article with a prediction:

"There's a big difference in what's happening in the two parties," said Simon Rosenberg, a Democratic strategist, who cited the Democratic candidates' superior online organizing.

"The possibility of running avery large, very powerful, and very effective campaign to register voters is something the Obama campaign could pull off this summer."

For more on the Obama campaign's effective use of old and new media in his campaign, check out a prior post here

Another 3 A.M. ad?

As The Hill reported, Hillary Clinton is releasing an economic version of its now famous 3 A.M. ad in Pennsylvania. From the article:

Penn and Howard Wolfson, a Clinton spokesman, said the ad was the first to highlight a Democrat's differences with Sen. John McCain on the economy.

The video - via TPM's Greg Sargent - is below. Let us know what you think:

Pick up your copy of Futurecast

Be sure to pick up your copy of Futurecast: How Superpowers, Populations, and Globalization Will Change the Way You Live and Work, the new book by Dr. Rob Shapiro, Chair of NDN's Globalization Initiative. Our copies just arrived! If you're going to be in San Francisco, CA on April 10, you're welcome to attend our Schwartz Forum where Simon and Rob will discuss Futurecast.

Getting Climate Change right: Elaine Kamarck

Speaking of Climate Change initiatives, be sure to check out the video below of Dr. Elaine Kamarck, a former Senior Policy Advisor to Al Gore. In it, Dr. Kamarck, soon to be co-chair of the Climate Task Force, discusses the viability of Climate Change. As the creator and manager of the Clinton Administration's National Performance Review (aka, reinventing government), she definitely speaks with authority on what it would take to institute real Climate Change policies:

McCain: 624787 (English and Spanish)

John McCain is up with English and Spanish-language versions of "624787". Check out them out below:

(English version)

(Spanish-language version)

And since I don't want to completely dismiss it, here's the link to his latest web video.

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